How Tech Has Changed Waist Training

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Since the start of the Digital Revolution—and especially within the past few years—technology and its influence on the average person’s everyday life has been growing and advancing at an almost alarming rate. The Digital Revolution has changed everything—from the way we navigate to an unfamiliar location to the way we keep in touch with our faraway friends and family members.

Waist training is not a new phenomenon. In fact, it’s been around in some form or another since before the Victorian age. However, it has only been within the past several years that waist training has become an incredibly popular fitness and weight-loss aid that is used by countless celebrities and ordinary modern women alike. Interestingly enough, a lot of the skyrocketing popularity of waist training over the past few years stems from the influence of advancing tech on the waist training industry and its patrons. From increasing access to information about waist training to a rising number of body-positive role models who flaunt their waist-training habits via social media, advanced technology has revolutionized the way women and the world view waist training. 

More Role Models

Instead of seeing a random woman wearing a waist trainer on a late-night TV commercial, you can log into your Instagram account and see familiar celebs and fashion icons like Kim Kardashian and Nicki Minaj rocking their very own waist trainers for the world to see.

Social media—primarily Instagram—has opened up opportunities for Instagram users with thousands, hundreds of thousands, or even millions of followers to share their waist-training habits with their large platform. Many celebrity women with large Instagram platforms take advantage of this opportunity to be open and honest about their waist-training habits for the good of the body positivity movement.

Seeing real women—especially real women that many other women look up to as inspiration—sharing their waist training “secrets” with the world helps many other real women feel more comfortable and confident trying out waist training for themselves and encourages them to shed their shame and secrecy and be more open about their own waist-training habits.


Increased Access to Information

The rise of the Internet has opened up far more opportunities for anyone to share their opinions, knowledge, and expertise on virtually any topic under the sun. Waist training has always been a polarizing subject. Some women believe that waist training is the Holy Grail of weight loss and fitness, while others maintain that waist trainers are nothing more than gimmicks or pricey weight loss scam products. Before advanced technology became so widespread, however, it was more difficult to get straight facts about waist training and whether or not it can actually help you meet your weight loss and general fitness goals.

With the Internet and its wealth of informational resources at their fingertips, women today don’t have to listen to the narrow-minded, extreme myths and misconceptions about waist training that are floating around out there. Instead, they can learn everything they’ve ever wanted to know about waist training—and more—with just a few Google searches. In fact, there are full blogs and websites devoted only to facts, tips, and tricks related to waist training. The reality is that waist training is not a gimmick or a scam, nor is it a miraculous panacea to all fitness and weight-related woes. A little bit of online research will tell you that waist training can act as a catalyst that increases the speed and effectiveness of your fitness and weight loss progress, as long as you use waist training only as a supplement to a healthy diet and regular exercise regimen.

In addition to more access to information about waist training, the Internet offers more access to waist trainers themselves. Women who want to try out waist training for themselves can visit online shapewear, lingerie, and waist trainer retailers like HauteFlair and Angel Curves to find high-quality waist trainers from the comfort and privacy of their own home without having to go seek out waist trainers in brick-and-mortar stores.

Less Stigmatization

The Digital Revolution has changed the way we view privacy. With everyone sharing the highlights of their lives on social media, it’s hard to keep anything a secret anymore. Waist training is something that has been traditionally heavily stigmatized, but the Internet and social media is gradually reducing the stigma surrounding waist training.

The increased access to information about waist training and the honesty of celebrities and other popular role models about their own waist-training habits on their public personal social media accounts has helped minimize much of the stigma surrounding waist training. This reduction in stigma has helped give many ordinary women the courage and confidence to try waist training for themselves without feeling ashamed or embarrassed.


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