Create a Fully Customized Photo Book in Four Easy Steps

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A photo book serves you in plenty of ways. You may need to look back on your previous memories or pass a customized message to your loved ones. Mixbook has been voted as one of the best photo book designing platforms that lets you find the best design for unique fashion, tastes, and preferences. You may access Mixbook through your smartphone or computer.

Steps for Creating a Custom Photo Book

Creating your photo book via Mixbook is simpler if you follow the highlighted steps.

  1.     Find your favorite design and format. Your first step is choosing a unique theme from your preferred designers or opt for a custom design with the blank book. You can toggle between portrait, landscape, and square shapes to find the best shape for your needs.
  2.     Upload photos. Mixbook lets you use images from your collection. You can add photos from your computer, phone, social media, and Google photos.
  3.     Create and collaborate. Mixbook features a flexible editor that grants you full creative control to customize stickers, texts, images, layouts, and more. You may upload backgrounds, stickers, auto-fill the book, or involve family and friends in creating a unique story.
  4.     Add final touches. You can double check your photos, stickers, backgrounds, and texts to make relevant corrections in time. Choose your preferred paper type, size, and cover to ensure that your photo book appeals to your innermost memories and feelings.

Factors to Consider When Designing a Photo Book

Size. Mixbook lets you choose different sizes for a price that suits your budget. Books are available in:

  • Landscape books are available in three sizes of 14×11, 11×8.5, and 8×6 at a starting price of $15.99.
  • Square photo books are available in four sizes 12×12, 10×10, 8.5×8.5, and 6×6 at a price starting at $19.99.
  • Portrait photo books are available in a single size of 8.5×11 starting at $24.99.

Paper type. Your paper’s quality determines the longevity and beauty of your final product. You may choose from;

  • The semi-gloss paper is a classic, smooth paper with a refined gloss best for your photos available at a price starting at $15.99.
  • Pearl finish’s price starts at $34.99. The silky-smooth paper features a luminous pearlescent sheen.
  • Premium matte lay flat papers are ultra-thick, luxe, and feature a low-glare finish. The starting price is $24.99.
  • Premium lustre lay flat is a thick paper that lays flat with a glossy and incandescent finish available at a price starting at $79.99.

The cover type determines the finish, quality, and durability of your product. You may choose from:

  • Softcover books starting from $15.99. The product is professionally combined to help you tell a unique life story.
  • Hardcover glossy starting at $29.99. The glossy finish on your sturdy hardcover lets your text shine and photos appear more appealing.
  • Hardcover soft-touch matte photo books are available as optional dust jackets for all paper types with a low-gloss flat-looking great from each angle with less glare.
  • The leather starts at $44.99. Your book is wrapped in black leather delivering ultimate safety and protection for your final product.

Bottom Line

Mixbook makes your experience straightforward and helps you deliver a fully personalized photo book for an upcoming event or gift. You can access the platform from your phone or computer and involve your friends and family throughout the project.


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