The Well-Dressed Lawyer

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As a lawyer, looking the part by being well dressed is just as vital as your practice. This article will aid you in either constructing or sustaining your professional image in your law career. For instance, if you look at a lawyer like attorney Chris Lewis in Dallas, you will notice how much you have to balance between elegance and practice.

You will notice that style and fashion can either be a hit or a miss with many lawyers. Having a fashion sense is crucial to your personal brand’s cultivation. Having a noticeable fashion sense can also aid in sealing deals and landing business for you or your firm. 

Why Should a Lawyer Be Well Dressed?

There are many reasons why an attorney should be well dressed, but you can group them into three main reasons.

1. To Enhance Their Image

Attorneys don’t put on fancy suits just for the fun of it. A lawyer in a case employs a professional nature that helps the lawyer to enhance their image. Being well dressed as a lawyer also aids in being influential in the courtroom. 

2. To Change the Other Lawyers’ Perspective

What a lawyer puts on in the courtroom will significantly impact how other attorneys in and out of the courtroom view them. As much as you are good at your job, you are likely to harm your case due to how you are dressed unless you look the part. Take time to understand what fashion statements you should heed before trying anything out. 

3. To Make a Good Impression

Everyone would want to look impressive when they are addressing a group of people. Attorneys suffer from the same disease, especially when they are in a courtroom. A lawyer wants to make a good impression on the jury and the judge. This helps in generating trust and looking professional as one seems like they know what they are doing.

How to Maintain Your Reputation as a Well-Dressed Lawyer

Once you have understood what it means to be a well-dressed lawyer and how important and impactful it can be to your practice or career, you start to see the need to be a well-dressed lawyer and maintain that trend. However, good quality suits are not cheap, and one has to be ready to put that aspect into consideration.

1. Keep It Fresh

Even though suits are costly, it is possible to own a thirty-year-old suit that has barely shown any signs of wear or tear. So, suits are a steady investment for a lawyer. However, there are a few things that an attorney should always have in mind. Some items like the lapel length, whether to have pleats, shoulder pad puffiness, and the buttons placement all factor in when the suit is made or purchased, so if your body changes or styles change over the years, for better or for worse, keep that in mind as part of your investment. 

2. Keep It Clean

It is absolutely no good wearing a stylish new suit with a foul smell, baby spit-up, or pet hair on it. Maintain a high standard to look neat. When debating on whether to put on the suit or getting it cleaned, lean more on the side of getting it cleaned. Invest in a fragrance that is not all over the place, something subtle and decent. 

Finally, your confidence is vital in thriving as a well-dressed lawyer. When going for hair and jewelry, please keep it simple but classy. Please don’t overdo it in the name of looking classy or under-do it in the name of looking simple, however.


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