10 Style Icons for Fall

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Fall is the perfect time to reinvent your style. Out with the sweat-stained blouses of summer, and in with cozy layers, witchy red, vintage accessories and punk ephemera. This season is about combing trends and styles to showcase your personal aesthetic. This list of people have done just that—rebelled against the image of ‘the perfect look’ and gone with their gut.

1) Stevie Nicks, frontwoman for Fleetwood Mac is the original “witchy woman.” When I hear the phrase ‘feelin’ myself,’ I think of Stevie on stage, with all of her draping layers and eclectic jewelry. Layers are essential to Stevie’s look, which makes her a perfect fall icon. Boots, tights, dresses, sweaters, scarves hats, and baubles create the perfect ‘cosmic hippie mama’ style.

2) PJ Harvey, 90’s grunge goddess, uses simple pieces to make a statement. Whether she’s wearing a simple white crop top with outrageous blue and green eye makeup or layering a leopard print coat over a tight red dress, she has the grunge look down. Her confidence is what fuels her iconic status. Her looks revert the male gaze, and she refuses to be sexualized unless it’s on her own terms.

3) Writing prodigy Zadie Smith is basically immortal. She rocks LITERALLY ANYTHING SHE WEARS. I saw her present on her upcoming book, Swing Time, wearing a rainbow sweatshirt and jeans, and I’ve never been more attracted to another woman. Whether she’s stepping out in natural hair, braids or a colorful head wrap, all eyes are on her. Bright colors, blazers, tailored dresses and fun accessories are her signature items, and she combines them all flawlessly.

4) I’m on a bit of a Frida Kahlo decorating kick, and through being obsessed with her art I have also become obsessed with her style. Whether she braided bright pink flowers into her hair, dressed up a men’s dress shirt with chunky necklaces, or embraced her heritage with traditional Mexican dress, Frida was the OG street style master. Her brow game was ALWAYS on point, and she knew how to style a shawl. Her boundary-breaking art makes for the perfect graphic tee and her signature layers are perfect for fall weather.


5) Actress and model Priyanka Chopra goes with bold eye makeup and statement lip colors. She leans towards deeper colors excellent for autumn and combines flawless business wear with beach waves and the occasional bohemian touch. Leather jackets, casual jeans and tee combos, denim coveralls and black mesh: Priyanka does it all and reinvents the ‘cool girl’ look by staying true to her personal aesthetic.

6) Silent film actress Anna May Wong steals the show from Gatsby-esque flappers with her sharp bob and her ability to go from glam 20’s dresses to androgynous suits. Flawless in art deco, surrealist styles, and traditional Chinese dresses Anna was a fashion chameleon in the early 20th century. She broke boundaries and her eyeliner was always on point.


7) Indonesian model Darell Ferhostan embraces gender non-conformity and androgyny, with long locks and classic button-ups. They demonstrate the exquisite fluidity of gender with haute makeup looks inspired by Cara Delavigne and David Bowie, and rock boho dresses and beatnik turtlenecks. Darell is someone to watch out for, as they are making a permanent dent in the conventions of fashion.

8) Ninety-four-year old designer, model, and business mogul Iris Apfel is straight up #goals. Her signature round glasses evoke sixties mod, while her cropped white hair blends seamlessly into her eclectic and high fashion wardrobe. Iris doesn’t see age as a barrier to fashion; there is no age limit on colors, fabrics, or trends. Her giant statement necklaces and accessories compliment her bright red lip and whatever stunning colors she embraces on the daily. At almost a century old, Iris proves that some things (and people) NEVER go out of style.

9) Plus-size French model Clémentine Desseaux embraces her freckles and vintage style. Her self-love shows in all of her shoots and especially in her street style pieces. Whether she’s in leather, a 50’s-style dress or a sleek minimalist button-up, Clémentine is a perfect example of classic French grace.

10) Magical Icelandic fairy goddess, Bjork is a perfect example of fall fashion. She jumps between tees and jeans and elaborate costumes. Her body is an extension of her art, and she somehow makes Maleficent horns and flower masks seem business casual. The true face of natural beauty, Bjork rarely wears a ton of makeup and seems completely at peace wrapped up in a fuzzy sweater. Fall aesthetic to the max.

These fall icons not only have killer style, but they reverse the male gaze and exude confidence and sophistication.

Who inspires your fall looks? Let us know in the comments below!


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