5 Comfortable Shoe Styles You Can Kick Back In

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While some shoes are made for walking, everyone needs a pair of shoes they can just kick back and relax in. If you’re looking for the best shoe style for a laidback kind of day, here are five options to choose from.

1. Moccasins

Originally worn by Native Americans, moccasins have since become a popular type of footwear worn in a variety of settings. These slip-on shoes are traditionally made from soft leather, with a thin sole that feels almost like walking barefoot. However, it is not uncommon for shoe companies to attach a rubber sole onto a modern pair of moccasins. They are made from a single piece of material with bold stitching along the toes of the shoe. This shoe style also offers a looser fit, making them a good shoe for warm-weather use. The inside can be lined with fur for warmth and comfort in the fall and winter.

2. Boat Shoes

Boat shoes can often be identified by their leather or canvas exterior and rubber soles that prevent slipping when on a wet surface, such as a boat. Traditional boat shoes have a very nautical look, with bold side laces that meet at the top of the shoe. They are loose fitting and stitched together in a similar manner to a moccasin, and they are designed to quickly slip on and off. Sperry boat shoes are one of the most popular brands of this casual, comfy footwear.

3. Loafers

Fit for both casual and formal wear, loafers are easy to pair with almost any outfit and can effortlessly be slipped on. They often have a very low heel or no heel at all. They can be made from a variety of materials, including leather, canvas, or velvet. Traditional penny loafers have a strap across the top. If you’re quickly running errands, driving loafers are comfortable and functional for car rides.

4. Sandals

Made from suede or genuine leather, there is no better go-to shoe in the warm weather than a pair of sandals. You can find sandals in limitless colors and designs, and many models even come with padded footbeds and other comfort features. Best of all, there are many types of sandals that are very affordable. You can often find Birkenstock sandals on sale and other models by top name brands at a discount price. You can also grab a pair of athletic sandals, which can be worn on their own or paired with a pair of socks.

5. Sneakers

While sneakers are often reserved for more casual settings, there are few shoes that will coddle your feet better than a pair of sneakers. While many people may not associate a pair of athletic shoes with relaxation, these shoes are just as great for days you want to kick back as they are for gym days. Both men’s and women’s sneakers are very versatile. You can purchase a pair of athletic kicks, high top basketball sneakers, traditional canvas sneakers, or even slip-on sneakers.

Whether you like to slip them on or tie them up, all the five shoes on this list are comfortable enough to just live in. Find a pair online today so you can kick it back in style.


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