What the Surgeon General E-Cigarettes Report States

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It is rather unfortunate that many people are still dying and being affected by illnesses related to traditional tobacco cigarettes. Different government agencies across the globe have put in many measures to educate the public on the dangers of smoking, but it seems they are yielding fewer fruits. Besides smoking, there has been an increasing concern about vaping.

Vaping is still a new concept to many people, and many of them don’t know its dangers. Vaping has been experimental in helping a good number of people stop smoking tobacco cigarettes for good. Many teenagers and young adults are getting into vaping. The surgeon general e-cigarettes report shows the many health-related concerns about young adults using e-cigarettes.

What Are E-Cigarettes?

As mentioned before, the vaping industry is currently doing well. The main idea of vaping and the use of e-cigs is to provide a safer alternative to traditional smoking. As many of us know, quitting smoking is not an easy thing to do. Many people struggle with the withdrawal symptoms that come with smoking.

What makes people addicted to smoking is nicotine. E-cigarettes are devices used to heat a form of liquid known as e-liquid to aerosol or vapor that is then inhaled.

Though many people are promoting the use of e-cigarettes, they do not show the public the many risks involved when people vape, which was brought up in the surgeon general e-cigarettes report.

E-Cigarettes Are Currently Trending

The surgeon general e-cigarette report states that e-cigarettes are currently trending among the youth. In a short period of five years, many young people have become invested in e-cig and vaping. It’s currently seen as one of the cool things to do. This is evident by the fact that many young people are using e-cigs rather than cigarettes. What is alarming is that many more high school students are projected to be using e-cigarettes than adults.

Dangers of E-Cigs?

There are various reasons given in the surgeon general e cigarettes report showing ways e-cig is unsafe to young people. The first risk vaping has to young adults is the fact that it is addictive. Many people who support e-cig fail to mention that vaping is addictive, though there is a number who do so. Nicotine tends to be highly addictive. Vaping in young people has also led many to use other tobacco products like cigarettes.

Apart from addiction, the surgeon general e-cigarette report states that nicotine is bad for the brains of young adults. It is essential to know that the brain tends to develop until a person reaches 25. It is also crucial to note that no matter how one is taking nicotine, it still has the same risks. Another effect on young people is behavior risk.


It is essential to know that as a young adult vaping is not the best thing to do as it will undermine your health in various ways. It should be left for adults who are looking for a replacement for tobacco cigarettes. If you are addicted to cigarettes, you should seek help from one of the many organizations and speak to your doctor.


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