10 Signs That Your Man Is Not Into You Anymore

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Love is a “thing” that needs to be nurtured. Nurturing means that sometimes it will grow and sometimes it will stay in one place or go down but it can be revived with working on it. This is the good part.

The bad part is when you or your man give up on your love or relationship. Taking the hands off the wheel and looking for love and affection somewhere else.

Living in this hyper-connected society, we are exposed to a lot of “lust triggers” for other people.

Self-control and appreciating the real vs. the fake online is hard work nowadays.

This is why you need to be prepared and notice the signs when your man starts getting out of your love connection.

He criticizes your appearance

He used to love the way you dress and the way you do your makeup and all. But lately, he seems dissatisfied with your look and the way you go out.

You might think that this happens as a result of your new makeup brand or your new dress but it goes deeper than that. He is dissatisfied with your relationship and in order to address this you should ask the right questions and don’t get into a fight with him.

Exposing your shortcomings in front of others

What happened to “love is when you accept the best and the worst in a person”? Scenarios where you are out with other couples or friends and he intentionally discusses your flaws in front of others is something that has deeper meaning and issues.

Especially if this “flaw” is a habit that you had since day one in your relationship. How come he didn’t mind it before and now, all of a sudden, this is something that he shares with others – without telling you first. You need to investigate this closely. Again, stay calm and ask the right questions.

He doesn’t have time for a good talk

One of the things that I absolutely hate is when he doesn’t have the time to talk to me. And this is not something serious where we need to clear something up.


I’m talking about having a glass of wine and just share how I feel about something at work. Or, maybe something that happened to me and I need to get it off of my chest. It seems like he doesn’t want to hear my stories anymore and he is constantly busy, doing something on his phone.

Emotionally closed

This means two things. First, he is refusing to have empathy or to relate to what you are feeling. Second, he is putting up a wall between you and him and he is starting to show no emotions in front of you. What is going on?

He is not flirting with you anymore

If you’re noticing that when you are going out he is not looking at you with the same spark in his eyes…or if you have only “transactional” communication via SMS that means that something is up.

He is not doing you any favors

Strange how you were Bonnie and Clyde before. Now he is not asking anything from you and often he is refusing to help when you asking something from him. Everything suddenly is hard for him and every time you share an idea and you ask for help, he is starting to explain how you won’t succeed.

He stopped being jealous

No, I’m not talking about the sick jealousy over here. I’m talking about that sweet dose of concern when a colleague is treating you nice or when someone is looking at you at the restaurant. You know what I mean right? Right. But, he is not like that anymore. He is not even noticing.

He stopped caring

Now, this is something scary. Not feeling the hots for someone is one thing but when you become indifferent that is a serious issue and needs to be addressed with patience and calmness.

Speaking lovely

He used to call you sweet names and he used gentle words during the day that made you feel special and loved. But, lately, he stopped being so sweet and when he is at home he started calling you by your name. Which is strange, since he is his pumpkin.

Stopped being intimate

This also has two layers. The first one is about not being intimate as often as you were. He says that he is constantly tired, stressed out and that he has other things on his mind.

The second one is about being intimate but with no passion and just doing it as a routine. This is even worse than the first one imho.

Bottom line

Now, I know that this goes without saying (and pretty much it is valid for all of these tips) but you need to make sure that these “signs” are not just a period in time. Make sure to examine the situation in details and don’t jump into conclusions right away.


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