The 8 Sexy Things Men Secretly Want From Their Girlfriends

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As you probably know, men really love the physical part of making love or having sex.

But this doesn’t mean that they are not up for some sexy activities before that.

This is why we are making this article for you. So you can be equipped with different things that you can do for your man and constantly seduce him.

Here’s the main secret, you should do this without expecting that he should hint it somehow to you. As a matter of fact, sometimes you are going to miss the mark. He will be too stressed or tired or sad about something.

Don’t rush things and don’t be disappointed. Just do it and if it works, good. If not, on to the next “trick” from the 8 we are sharing with you below.

Another secret that you might have missed above: Constants Seduction.

Just act like you are one month in a relationship all the time. This takes effort and nerves but trust me, this is THE way of keeping you together. Now, let’s start with the first “thing”.

1. Lap Dance

Yes, the men loooove to see their ladies dance ONLY for them. This is something that can relax him after a stressful day at work and also it can relax the lady too…and maybe things get sensual and what do you know… The whole evening cuddling, kissing and making a sweet love 🙂

2. Private Strip Show

Now, this is one level up from a lap dance, right. I mean, being a little naughty is communicating clearly that you are ready to be loved by your man.

Let me share a small secret with you. If you peel the whole “alpha” layer from a man, you will see that the main thing they want is to feel loved and appreciated by his lady. Try it.

3. Unexpected Sex

This is especially powerful if you and he are in a long relationship. I cannot even explain how he will feel if you surprise him with a quick, wild and impromptu sex in his office (for example).

I know, I know, the ladies need an emotional “turn up” but the spontaneous act and the perceived risk of “somebody can walk in any minute” is a huge libido booster and both can have an amazing experience.

4. Love Bites

I’m not sure about this one (from experience) but I can see that some men really like this. Marking your territory on him is something that some man find sexy. Try it with your man and see if it works for him and you of course.

There is another part of this “love bites” thing that some of my friends told me they like and that is the “sexy pain” they feel when the love bite is made. Don’t kill the messenger, lol.

5. Sexy Photos

This is a sensitive subject. With all the privacy issues we have now and the new technology…you better be careful with this tip. Make sure the images are not used against you in the future.

Or, don’t send nudes. Just sexy picture that won’t expose you in any manner.

6. Talk Dirty To Me

And this is not ONLY during sex. This can also be dirty texts while he is at work. Maybe even during dinner etc.

The goal here is to jump-start his fantasies even before you see him or get him into bed.

8. A Body on Body Massages

This is my favorite part. Combine this with a sensual massage oil and sexy lingerie and… brace yourself. After this, he will rush home every day and skip drinks with friends. Trust me.

It will make him go crazy about you.


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