12 Lies About Sex That Women Should Know

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Yes. Sex. The most popular theme on the internet.

Another yes. The internet. The medium that made us all connected with each other. The platform that gave birth to social media platforms.

If in the past the social media platforms were made for “connecting with friends and family” now they are turned into mechanisms for spreading lies and fake “norms” for our lives.

So, today we are here to talk about the lies regarding sex. Women should be educated and aware of what is acceptable and what is not.

With these 12 lies, we are just starting the conversation. Please write to us if you have more so we can add them.

12. Women don’t and shouldn’t watch adult movies

Or porn as we usually name it. This is not true. Women have needs as a man do and they also want to be entertained. Even some studies say that women enjoy porn more than man do. The bottom line is that you, as women should do what you feel like doing when it comes to adult entertainment. If adult movies help you better explore your own body and feelings then try it out.

11. Sex education is not important for women

Except it is. Now we need truthful and wholesome sexual education for women of every age more than ever. The internet is flooded with videos and other types of content that portrays women like sexual objects rather than loving and caring human beings.

Especially for the younger women, sexual education should be mandatory and parents should be involved too.

10. Sex can ONLY happen between people from the opposite sex

This is something that is still promoted in books and schools. It is rare for communities to openly address the same-sex relationship and also intimate intercourse. Things are changing and people become more and more open, but still, significant work should be done in order to see a real change in society.

9. No love making during periods

Just to make sure that we are on the same page, I want to underline that this is not an encouragement for sexual intercourse while you have your period. This is just a clarification for younger women that it is possible but they should be aware of precautions and preparation. Listening to your body is a priority.

8. It is embarrassing for girls to buy contraception

No, it is not. Our health and wellbeing should be a priority and nothing should be more important than being conscious about our life.

7. It is ok when men are “all over you”

In a sense of insisting on your attention, getting to know you and getting physically closer to you. This is called harassment and it should be stopped right now. A man can try and seduce you but he should respect your dignity. It is up to you to set up your boundaries and don’t step back.

6. Forced sex during marriage is “normal”

Nope. Even though our parents or grandparents say that “this is how things work” it is not normal at all. He doesn’t own you and you don’t own him. Making love should be done with mutual agreement and should be romantic or passionate. When one of the partners is suffering during sexual intercourse it is called a felony. Rape, to be precise.

5. Active sex life is only for men

You probably heard this point many times. It is still socially acceptable for a man to lead an active sex life. This makes him a stud. When it comes to women they should hide this fact since they are called other, vulgar names.

4. Shouldn’t have sex before marriage

I was surprised when I learned that this is still the case in many societies. We all live in our own bubble (online or offline) and we should definitely speak louder on this topic so we can encourage our sisters to live before they get married.

3. Women shouldn’t have flings

Don’t shoot the messenger. This is ridiculous for me too. Women enjoy flings just as men do (maybe even more)

2. If you love him, you should have sex with him

Come on. Love = sex. Having a relationship with someone shouldn’t be all about sex. Making love should come as the cherry on the top. Not the other way around.

1. He should be in charge during sex (ALL the time)

Do you agree? Of course not. Even some man disagree ha he should lead the sexual intercourse.


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