4 Designer Bags for 2020: Covering All Occasions in Style and Class

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There is a classic question in fashion, which often creates a lot of differing opinions. Should a bag be judged for its versatility across all occasions, or should it be judged for its specialty appeal? While we leave the debate up to you, here are four trends for 2020 in bags that will cover pretty much all occasions from formal dinners to garden parties in the coming spring.

Balenciaga Red Mini City Scarf Bag

Well, Balenciaga has not shied away from making controversial choices when it comes to their sneakers, so it isn’t that surprising to see their Red Mini City Scarf bag make it onto the shelves. However, unlike the chunky sneakers, the Red Scarf really does look quite gorgeous. If you can find a semi-formal or informal occasion to wear it, then it might be one of the most ravishing items in your collection altogether.

Bottega Veneta: The Pouch

Personally, we found the White Canvas Mini Mon Trésor Pouch Fendi bag with its glamorous simplicity to be much more appropriate for the spring, but Bottega Veneta’s The Pouch in black is also quite glamorous in its simplicity.

Although one might be forgiven for thinking this one is a bit too simple, it is one of the hottest bags in designer collections today all the same. If you want a bit of variation in your pouch though, check out the Fendi bag below.

The Fendi Leather Baguette

Although it’s extremely popular now, if there was an argument regarding which one is the most gorgeous piece among the Fendi bag collection on SSENSE, the Fendi Leather Baguette may not win. You really have to check out the huge Fendi bag collection, which this authorized, international retailer has on display at the official website to know what we are talking about here.

Take, for example, the Tan Medium ‘Forever Fendi’ By The Way Fendi bag is more functional, bigger and may actually be more uncommon in its style than the more popular Leather Baguette. If portability is of the priority, then the Fendi bag more likely to win in that category could very well be the beautifully minimal Brown Mini Karligraphy bag in the SSENSE store.

Givenchy Antigona Medium Leather Tote

Finally, we have the Givenchy Antigona Medium Leather Tote, which is once again in line with the trend of the year so far, i.e. quite simplistic. However, Givenchy has given it a much more refined look with geometric angles up top. The tote bag comes in a whole range of styles, so do look around a bit through all your options before making the final choice.

We started this article with a popular question, so let’s end it with a popular and pretty apt generalization rule in fashion; when in doubt, wear black. If you are somewhat unsure about any of what we discussed here, take a look at the black medium-sized Kan U Fendi bag to know how easy it is to not make mistakes when you stick to proven colors in fashion!


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