4 Tips for Getting the Best Out of Your Ottawa Vacation

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As the capital of Canada, it makes sense that Ottawa is a destination brimming with attractions and things to do. While the main tourist spots – such as the National Gallery of Canada and Parliament Hill – are well-known, there are plenty of other ways for maximizing your visit to Ottawa.

From hidden gems to helpful advice, here are four tips for getting the best out of your Ottawa vacation:

Dine at the Château Laurier

With striking castle-like architecture and a prime downtown location, it’s fair to say the historic Château Laurier hotel is far from a hidden gem. Yet its beauty and splendor isn’t only exclusive to guests. Within the building’s walls lies a secret that everyone can enjoy.

That secret is Wilfrid’s, an elegant and award-winning restaurant. Okay, it might not be a secret to locals – but it can easily be missed by tourists visiting the city. This is a shame, because it not only serves up high-quality Canadian dishes that utilize fresh local ingredients, but also stunning views of Parliament Hill. 

Go and see a concert

Due to being Canada’s capital, it’s fair to say that Ottawa hosts a large collection of events and shows throughout the year. With this in mind, take advantage of being in a big city and sample a concert during your vacation.

In fact, if you still don’t have a date set for your trip to Ottawa, consider looking through their show schedule. If you find out one a favorite band or artist is playing in the city, you could plan the holiday around it.

There is one issue with this aspect: finding tickets for the concert. If the event already released tickets months ago, chances are there won’t be any available from the original vendor. Thankfully, you can still land tickets via a resale marketplace in the form of TicketSales.com.    

Take a trip down Wellington Street West

Not long ago, Wellington Street West was known as a destination to avoid in Ottawa. Yet its reputation as a crime hotspot has long gone. Instead, it is now known as one of the city’s trendiest neighborhoods.

This is thanks to the plethora of upmarket restaurants, boutique stores, and art venues that Wellington Street West now boasts. The popular Wellington Village, in particular, is a paradise for some retail therapy.

Plus you don’t have to venture too far to reach the area – it’s only about a ten minute journey from Parliament Hill.

Throw a few axes

Yes, really.

Axe throwing is a craze that is currently sweeping across North America and beyond. Ever wondered why this trend is catching on? Well now’s the ideal opportunity to see what the fuss is about.

When you do, you’ll realize that axe throwing is a strangely exhilarating and fun-packed experience. It’s especially recommended if you visit as a group, where competitive streaks and hilariously wayward throws are par for the course.

Ottawa currently has a number of axe throwing venues available, including the highly regarded Backyard Axe Throwing League.


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