5 Apps to Spy on Text Messages

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Sometimes people take the bold step to find out what their partner or friend is doing when he or she is not talking to them, by spying on them. This is easier than going through your partner’s phone, where he or she may catch you in the act. Relationships are indeed built on trust, but when you cannot shake the feeling off that your lover may be doing something wrong behind your back, it starts to weigh down on you. Instead of having anxiety choke you, the best thing for you to do is to engage in spy work. You do not have to do it physically, as that is one of the amazing things that technology has done for the world.

The world experiences technology is a different way than it used to in the 17th centuries, and that is fantastic because things have gotten easier. Some time ago, people could only talk to each other from a distance through a letter, but today, though the letters are still used, we have smartphones to send text messages to people. Years ago when people used letters to send messages to each other, there were a lot of restrictions as to what they could write, and how they could write it, but that is not what it is today. In the present day, people send anything they want through text messages without fear of another person seeing it because they can always put a passcode on their phones which will give only the owner of the phone access to it.

This is quite amazing because it has helped people to have very private lives and keep things to themselves Till they are ready to let it out. However, when it comes to a suspicious girlfriend or boyfriend, nothing is safe anymore, because he or she is exposed to technology, and can use it to his or her advantage.

There are several ways to spy on people to know what they are up to, and how they talk about you to other people. It may not even be your partner you want to spy on. It could be your best friend or your roommate, who has weird friends coming over. You may want to know if you are in any danger, so you know the right authorities to call. Either way, spying on someone else’s text messages just got better and easier with these five fantastic spy applications. 


If you are looking to get the best out of your spy journey, then we recommend that you make use of XNSPY. This is also known as an SMS tracker app that helps you to understand what the other person is texting and the kind of messages he or she is receiving. This app also includes basic and advanced features to help you become a pro at what you do.



This is another incredible SMS tracker app that is common amongst Android and iOS users all over the world. It is user friendly and has a guideline for every step you need to take to begin your spy journey.


This application has a feature that helps you see all the messages the person you are spying on sends, and the ones he or she receives. It also helps you know the name of the person that is texting back.


This spying app was designed especially for parents who want to know what is going on with their kids. Parents can find out if they are involved in anything immoral. The world is an incredible place, and sometimes kids could get carried away and make the wrong choices.


Initially, this spy app was a text messages spy application, but several features were included to make it helpful to parents and employers who like to keep track of other people.


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