6 Effective ways to increase engagement and following count with IGTV

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Instagram is famous for its new features, latest updates, and ever-changing algorithms. Instagram has recently rolled out its new feature which is IGTV. You can open this new app from your home screen and upload 15 sec to 1-hour long form and vertical video on it. In this post, we will discuss how you can leverage this app and increase your engagement that in turns give you a huge amount of Instagram followers.

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  • Entice Your Audience to View More of Your Content
  • Serialize Your Content
  • Unleash Your Creativity
  • Add Value to Your Content
  • Analyze Your Data
  • Balancing Instagram

Entice Your Audience to View More of Your Content

IGTV videos don’t fizzle out as Instagram stories do. So it is the best to place to create an evergreen video to entice your audience to view more of your videos. You can link your IGTV video to your Instagram story using swipe up feature (if you have over 10k followers and business account)

Serialize Your Content

People like to see scheduled content, so make the habit to make new videos being posted at the same time every week. You can also introduce the weekly and monthly video segment. This way, people will surely be coming back for more videos on your IGTV channel that increases engagement and grab the attention of target audience.

Unleash Your Creativity

Instagram TV offers vertical and long-form video usage and you can swipe from story to story means it will let creators a full-screen video to play with. As you know, it supports the vertical video while other video platforms like YouTube works best with horizontal videos. You need to shot a vertical video for uploading on your IGTV channel. You can use some editing apps and create exciting and new vertical videos for Instagram TV.

Add Value to Your Content

IGTV allows you to create a vertical video that adds value to your content. You can present the unique and entertaining content your audience. You can keep them stick to your videos with the help of unique ideas that represent your brand or personality.

Analyze Your Data

You can analyze your data and see where your audience swiped away on IGTV. Even you can track the patterns in viewing habits of your viewers and learn how to engage them longer. Consider making the habit of checking your channel stats and analyze trends on a regular basis. You can make changes in your strategy and get followers on Instagram over time.

Balancing Instagram

Since IGTV is just 6 months old, focus on creating the balance between your Standard Instagram account and IGTV account. Trying your best to achieve this balance by sharing short videos on your Insta-stories and see how your audience is engaging with it. Use tactics to attract your followers and target audience towards your IGTV channel to watch full videos. Focus on building this IG and Instagram TV relationship with the aims of long-term commitment and you will get followers on Instagram in no time.


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