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Most pet owners treat their pets like part of the family. Like any human member of the family, when a pet is in pain mostly caused by illness, it causes distress to the entire family. People work hard towards ensuring that their pets are free from pain and as comfortable as can be. Traditionally, prescription drugs would do the trick, but the down side to such drugs is that most of them cause side effects that may be uncomfortable to the pets. Companies like HolistaPet, King Kanine, and Honest Paws are working towards creating CBD oils for pets that reduce pain and ensure maximum comfort for pets.

What are CBDs?

CBD Oils are also referred to as cannabinoid is one of more than eighty compounds that are found in the hemp plant or cannabis. It is a compound that is non-toxic, non-psychoactive, and natural and completely plant-based. This compound is used in the manufacture of drugs that relieve several ailments or symptoms in pets. 

About HolistaPet

HolistaPet is a company that manufactures products aimed at relieving pain and other symptoms like arthritis, allergies, inflammation, skin issues, nausea, anxiety, tumors, seizures and phobias among others. The company also manufactures CBD Oils that can be applied in the promotion of cardiovascular health, appetite, and general wellness. The company was established in the year 2016 and is located in Venice.

What sets HolistaPet’s products apart?    

At HolistaPet, the CBD products or medicine are manufactured from natural ingredients including superfood items meshed with the CBD. The company also has a strict policy of using only ingredients that are extracted from plants. These ingredients combined with the different superfood products are specially engineered to bring out a formula that fits the different pet conditions. They also offer some of the most competitive discount coupons and the most up-to-date coupons can be found at

Other HolistaPet products include the CBD Dog Treats. These treats contain three main formulas which are;

Joint and Mobility Care- it’s made up of Boswellia and turmeric root ingredients which are aimed at increasing strength in the joints and reducing pain as well as inflammation that may be as a result of arthritis or a surgical procedure. It also improves the pet’s mobility and strength of the cell structure due to the presence of hemp seed and CBD ingredients.

Heart and Immune Care- are formulated with sweet potatoes, blueberries, hemp seeds, flax seeds, and CBD, they strengthen the cardiovascular system while improving the health of the skin and coat.   

Stress and Anxiety relief formulas- they are formulated with hemp seed powder, L-Theanine, Chamomile and CBD Oil. All these are essential in promoting calmness in pets that suffer anxiety, stress or phobias.

Like the CDB oil products, these products are all lab tested and certified. They are also made from natural and organic as well as vegan superfood ingredients.

How do the products work?

The amount of CBD contained in HolistaPet products is mild enough not to cause the pet to get into a state of high. However, upon regular use, the products will bring forth a happy and uplifting mood change in the pets. This means that the pets get the advantage of getting therapeutic relief without having to get high. This is possible as the CBD affects the endocannabinoid system which consists of several receptors that are located on the different cells in their entire body. The CBD interact with the receptors in the cells leading to a variety of effects in the body.

King Kanine

Like HolistaPet, King Kanine is also invested in promoting the wellness of pets. The mission of King Kanine is to enhance wellness inside and outside. The company manufactures and sells CBD products that are of high quality and as organic as can be. The products manufactured by King Kanine are known as King Kalm.

King Kalm

These products contain a spectrum of oils rich in phytocannabinoid and Carbon dioxide extracts. Additionally, they are suspended in oil called Antarctic krill that has several pharmaceutical benefits. King Kalm is extracted from one of the highest naturally occurring hemp oil products. Unlike other products, King Kanine boasts of the 100 percent purity of King Kalm.

Additionally, King Kanine also manufactures King Kalm Crunch treats. These contain between three to four milligrams of CBD in each treat. The King Kalm Products come in three types labeled;

Standard- products labeled as such are aimed at improving the general immune of the pets while supporting health as well. They can be used on pets that sufferer from anxiety or during uncomfortable grooming procedures. 

Medicinal- these products are aimed at the treatment of illnesses such as epilepsy, hip dysplasia, and cancer among other high-profile medical cases that may also be life-threatening. This label contains high concentrations of CBD.

Therapeutic- these are those that are aimed at reducing the effects of anxiety, nausea or vomiting, pain that may be as a result of a surgical procedure or an injury, inflammation and other conditions like arthritis. The products here are manufactured specifically to increase comfort and reduce pain.

Mode of administering

The King Kalm products can either be administered orally or through a syringe. The most common method of administration, however, is by placing them in the pet’s food. The products can be administered once in a day. Monitoring is paramount as it will allow you to take note of the progress of the pet and make adjustments in the administering where needed.

What sets King Kalm Apart?

One of the most distinctive features of King Kalm is the effect it has on senior pets and those that suffer from arthritis. King Kalm has been found to be the most effective prescriptions for pets with such conditions as they reduce inflammation and eliminates pain in the joints. King Kalm products are also said to have a reducing effect on seizures. The CBD in them helps relax the neurological activity in the pet hence reducing bran activity that may be the cause of seizures. The products also have some sort of therapeutic regimen that helps wean the pets off synthetic medication that may be dangerous or have dangerous side effects to the pet.

Honest Paws

Honest Paws is yet another firm that has dedicated itself to improving the lives of pets and enhancing healthier and happier lives. Honest paws prioritizes health in the manufacture of its products

What sets Honest Paws aside from others?

All products manufactured by honest paws are natural, non-GMO, laboratory tested and certified, and free of soy. All Honest paws products have medicinal value and are available on online sites for purchase. They come in the form of treats mostly and also in the form of medicine mostly for dogs.


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