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While there are numerous avenues that one can take when it comes to online dating, including those for politically minded people. Because of this, websites for conservatives only are pretty far and few though, but they do exist. In this post we’ll tell you about a few of them which are great for like-minded individuals who share common political and life views.

According to a recent study found on this website link, it’s been proven that only about 9 percent of the population of married people are actually different parties, which is a good thing because it’s true that you can coexist and be happily married even if you don’t share the same political views (you often still share the same lifestyle views as them, which is the most important aspect). Let’s look now at some sites which are great for those looking for conservative only matches.

  1. Match.com – Match has been around for decades and has more than 42 million active users, along with over more than 39 million monthly visitors to their website. They are literally the giants when it comes to the online dating industry. You can literally find many conservative people to be paired with than anywhere no matter what type of relationship you’re wanting to look for (which you can fully customize as well).
  2. EliteSingles.com – Literally almost everyone on this dating platform has a degree, and it is a great site for finding other people while keeping your information safe. At the same time, it is right up there in the terms of conservative to liberal/democratic ratio and is a better place for like-minded adults to mingle, with a higher middle-aged and up population than any other.
  3. eHarmony.com – Commercials aren’t the only thing that make this website so popular. With a large user base that can be found by your own personal preferences, including those with conservative values and common political views, eHarmony is one of the highest rated dating websites in America after being founded in 2000, and it has one of the highest amounts of actual online relationship success stories in which people found their life partners.
  4. ChristianMingle.com – Many Christians have been linked to conservative values and religious ties, as well as political parties. Because of this, Christian Mingle is a great place mainly towards those who share the same religious and lifestyle views. If you’re looking for a Christian relationship, it’s notably one of the best out there, and has been around also for a good number of years to make it number one. Literally almost 30 percent of all online Christian marriages started because of this website.


Because of the ability to actually find others, we’ve found that the best way to do that if you’re a conservative person is with some of those that have been around the longest and cater directly to your security. It’s not easy to find someone who shares the same views as you, and while you don’t have to literally like ALL of the same things (like food, etc.), it is important that you find love with someone that you can share those views with and feel comfortable knowing that you can have great communication with your partner.


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