Coastal Towns You Must See in Tuscany

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Why do people frequent Tuscany? It can’t just be for the villas, can it? Well, you can’t really blame them if that’s the case, not if you’ve been to some of the villas in Tuscany with heated pool.

When the sun goes down and the heat of the day fades, you will appreciate the heated pools in some of the villas that Tuscany Now&More offers. And they are not out to simply impress you with lip service.

Tuscany Now&More understands Tuscany villas better than anyone. They know all the property owners in the region who matter and their focused portfolio allows them to ensure that every rental they present meets your most unique requirements.

But once you secure the villa, what comes next? You are going to want to see the most impressive gems and attractions Tuscany has to offer, and there is no better starting point than Tuscany’s coastal towns.

Coastal Towns in Tuscany You Must See

Do you love long strolls in the evening and relaxing days spent lazing out in the sun? Then Tuscany is the place to be, particularly if you can make your way to the best coastal towns in the region, which include:


If you love the beach but you also appreciate the civility that a sophisticated resort affords, you will approve of Viareggio which offers a comfortable, controlled beach experience. There are plenty of games for children.

The adults will appreciate the bars and shops. The Passeggiata is a promenade three kilometers in length that has all the luxury hotels you could ever want. And the view is breathtaking.

Viareggio isn’t a place you simply pass through. The town, which is situated in Northern Tuscany, begs you to stop and take a breath.

Forte Dei Marmi

If you ever find yourself in Viareggio, make an effort to visit Forte Dei Marmi at some point. It isn’t that far. A lot of the people who visit Tuscany relish the opportunities they get to mingle with the locals.

But Forte Dei Marmi will provide you a glimpse of illustrious local and international celebrities that you would otherwise never meet. It has played host to the likes of Thomas Mann and Aldous Huxley.

The Tuscan Resorts on display have bars and restaurants of every shape and size. The long promenade is perfect for anyone who wants to stroll along the sea.

For people who enjoy local company, there are a number of hangouts that local residents frequent. You can stop by to see what they get up to at all hours of the day or night.


Today, Talamone is just a shipping village. But in days gone past, people knew it for its menacing defensive fortress which provides a most charming view of the town and the sea.

Talamone is a great setting for a relaxing stroll. The Harbour area has a bay that encourages sporting activities on the water. You also get sandy beaches.

The grey stone fortress is the biggest attraction in the area. But even without it, Talamone is quite relaxing.

Porto Ercole

Porto Ercole might not sound like the most alluring of attractions in Tuscany until you realize that the small fishing port is home to an amazing resort, a stunning view of the sea, and steep and narrow streets of the most charming quality.

This is another town that simply compels you to walk its length. Life in Porto Ercole encourages you to stop and take your surroundings in. The people are friendly and welcoming.


People come here to visit the pine grove. It overlooks the sea, so you can probably imagine the sort of view it offers.

If you arrive in the summer, you can participate in the many events hosted in the local castle. Don’t come here looking for beaches because there are none to be found. But that doesn’t make Castiglioncello any less beautiful.

As with most of the towns mentioned above, the real estate encourages walking. But that can be said for most of Tuscany. If you have ever been to the region, then you know that it has more than enough artistic, natural, and historical beauty to keep your senses perfectly satiated for days, weeks, and even months.

The coastal towns stand out because they provide a distinct view of the sea.


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