Proven Ways To Get That Girl To Say ‘I Wish You Were Here’

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Being in love and having a relationship is a beautiful thing. However, it does get boring at times as you begin to get used to each other over time. This is where the element of ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’ comes in. To keep that spark in your relationship whether long-distance or not, you need to be able to make your partner miss you. Unfortunately, this article is directed at only men who are looking for how to make her miss you. Look no further as we have all you need right here.

1. A Little Mystery Always Helps

People tend to crave the things they cannot easily reach, and this same principle applies to relationships. When you get to know a girl, it is essential that you allow her to know you. However, it is advised to keep some information secret as that would create some intrigue in the union. This way she’s always hungry for your presence and would want to stick around.

2. Make The Conversation Less About Yourself

While you should not be afraid to give her a peek into your life, make sure you don’t end up turning her into your therapist. When out on dates, ensure you talk less about yourself. Make her wonder a bit!

3. Take A Chill Pill With Technology

Although technology has made communication easier, it has its cons as it makes you readily available. Everyone is just a buzz away! With most relationships of the 21st century being formed over instant messaging, it is not so difficult for your girl to get tired of your calls and texts. While it is thoughtful to check up on her with a call or a sweet text, bombarding her with them will only suffocate her, and make you lose relevance.

4. Have A Life Of Your Own

Nothing speaks attractive like an independent man who has stuff to sort out. While she might be your priority in life, continue to pursue interests of your own. Don’t stop all the things you loved doing just because you connected with her. Keep going for basketball practice or playing that video game. Let her know that you have other things going on for you.

5. Humor Is The Key

Everyone enjoys a good laugh especially women. So, one guaranteed way to make that special woman miss you is always to make her laugh. Make sure you leave her bellyaching every opportunity you get.

6. Spend Some Time Apart

Even though you enjoy each other’s company so much, nothing spills the words ‘I miss you’ faster than some time apart. You can make this happen by going on trips with your family, hanging out with friends or embarking on a project that requires you to have some alone time.

7. Make Every Moment Spent Together Memorable

Giving your girl a unique experience is how to make her miss you badly. Nothing says boring like a routine, so try to spice things up once in a while. Try to change your restaurants where you have dates or go to a park instead of the movies.

8. Limit Phone Calls

For those in long-distance relationships, the tradition of calling to keep up with yourself is necessary. However, try to avoid spending too long on the phone as you not only run out of things to say but also become overbearing in the process.

9. Stop Trying To Keep Tabs On Her

While men tend to be possessive when it comes to their women, this attribute tends to suffocate them rather than letting them know that you care about them. Try to avoid questions like ‘where are you?’ ‘What time would you be home?’ and the rest.

10. Desperation Is A Killer Of Relationships

Don’t act too desperate for her attention. Try not to always pick her calls on the first ring or reply to her message instantly. However, know when to use your discretion to attend to her immediately as it might be an emergency.

11. Be The Last Thing She Thinks About Before She Goes To Bed

One way to make your girl ache for you is to ensure you are the last thing on her mind before she sleeps. You can send her a sweet text of how you thought of her during the day, or give a short phone call when it’s close to her snoozing time. If you play your cards right, you might end up being in her dreams.

12. A Gift That Reminds Her Of You Would Go A Long Way

Giving her something that makes her think of you is an effective way to make that special woman miss you. It could be a stuffed teddy bear you won for her while at an arcade or a sweatshirt that reeks of your perfume. It doesn’t have to be so expensive; it just has to remind her of you.

13. Surprise Her

When you treat your woman with surprises, then she’ll be able to miss you able. Little gifts and outings here and there make a huge difference. If you do your best to make her special every day, then she would always look forward to what you have in store for her next.

14. Don’t Be Afraid To Tell Her How You Feel

While nobody likes to have a needy person, girls enjoy men who are not too scared to share their feelings. Don’t hesitate to open up yourself and be vulnerable to her when it is needed. It shows that she means something to you.

15. Write A Romantic Letter

Although most people believe letter writing is a practice of old times, its potency has remained strong all through the years. Try to write her a sweet note on the reasons why you feel the way you do. Be sure that she’ll keep it close and read it every day.

16. Kiss And Hold Her Frequently

An efficient way to make your girl miss you is to smother her with kisses and hugs as much as you can. This will make her miss your touch even if you are only minutes apart.

17. Treat Her Right

This tip sums up every other way on how to make her miss you. Everyone loves to be treated with respect and love. If you can do the same for your girl, then she would miss you so much it’ll hurt.

Finally, a mixture of the above listed is what works, and this mixture should be done in such a way to eliminate routine. Keeping the element of surprise alive is one fundamental way to keep your relationship alive. Once you can put all these to practice, then you are the man!


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