What Wedding March Songs Are The Best?

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Music is referred to as the language of the soul. It is universal and is an integral part of different cultures and traditions all over the world.

Music plays a massive role in various traditional and religious ceremonies, such as weddings, funerals, festivals, and others. One important function where music has a profound impact is a wedding ceremony, especially an English one. The choice of music is critical as it sets the tone for the event.

British weddings are characterized by what is called the ‘wedding march.’ This is actually divided into two: processional and recessional. The processional wedding march is the one where the bride walks down the aisle. Songs for processions are usually more formal and traditional. Some couples opt for classical music, while many go for hymns. On the other hand, the recession is held at the end of the ceremony and is the joyful march of the bride and groom as they leave the hall. This is usually more upbeat and modern in style.

It pays to carefully select your wedding march songs as they make the event more memorable. So, if you are confused about the right song to pick, then read through this list and make your choice. It has been carefully curated to include the best of the best, and it is varied enough to give you a good number of options. Note that the songs listed here are in no particular order.

1. ‘Wedding March’ by Mendelssohn. What better song is good for a wedding march than one named ‘wedding march?’ This traditional classic remains a favorite of many. It is now commonly used as a recessional song, but it is great for processions too. And what’s more? Since, 1858, every British Royal Wedding has featured this song. Watch out for the next one!

2. ‘Arrival of the Queen of Sheba’ by your favorite classical musician Handel. The title conveys that it is meant for the processional march. However, it has a joyfully high tempo and can be used to close the wedding service too.

3. ‘Bridal Chorus’ by Wagner is perhaps the perfect song for the grand bridal entrance. It also goes by the title ‘Here Comes the Bride.’ Its lyrics and traditional beat make it a favorite of many. It sounds better when played on an organ.

4. ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’ by Harold Arlen. You would remember this song if you have watched ‘The Wizard of Oz.’ It even won the Oscars when it came out! However, there are many versions of the song. One you really should check out is that by Israel Kamakawiwo’Ole. The cover, which features the ukulele, takes the song to a whole different level. If you would rather have things more traditional, Judy Garland’s cover is an excellent choice for that.

5. ‘A Thousand Years’ by Christina Perri. Yes, it is the song from the popular movie series, ‘Twilight Saga.’ The instrumental cover by ‘The Piano Guys’ is excellent as a wedding march song, especially for the procession. Go for this if you want some modern music with a bit of the traditional flavor.

6. ‘Canon in D’ by Pachelbel is much loved by brides. This 17th-century song only became popular in the 20th century and has fast risen to become a wedding classic favorite. If you want this, you might want to check out Brian Crain’s version.

7. ‘Signed, Sealed and Delivered’ by Stevie Wonder is different from most others on this list as it is more modern. Imagine this song playing just after the bride and groom have signed the wedding register. Oh… the thrill!

8. ‘Now That We Found Love’ by Heavy D and The Boyz. This is the same song that was played by Will Smith and Eva Mendes in the closing scene of the movie ‘Hitch.’ It is a beautiful, passionate love song.

9. ‘L-O-V-E’ by Bert Kaempfert and Milt Gabler is another beautiful song that made this list. This jazz musical is well suited to the dancing and all the funfair at the close of the wedding ceremony. Many people are more acquainted to the version sung by Nat King Cole. Joss Stone made a cover of it too, and you might love it.

10. ‘Marry Me’ by Train is a modern song which sounds formal, and thus, is great for marching in. The bride can literally feel the groom passionately seeking her hand in marriage as she makes her grand entry. Modern beats are known to be fast, but this makes a difference with its slow tempo.

11. The Beatles’ ‘All You Need is Love’ is another modern song that makes this list. Funnily enough, this was not originally a wedding song. It was meant for a TV broadcast in 1967. However, fate had other plans.

12. ‘First Day of My Life’ by Bright Eyes can be a processional or recessional wedding march song. It may sound quirky but does the job well. The beautiful acoustic combination of guitar and bass is a hot 21st-century choice.

13. ‘Ho Hey’ by the Lumineers. That phrase is from a 1974 song ‘Mrs. Van De Belt’ by Paul McCartney. The Lumineers took the phrase, garnished it with folk-rock beat and made out of it a special wedding march song.

14. ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ by the Journey. The original song sounds modern. But the Vitamin String Quartet made a traditional cover out of it while retaining some of its modern touches. The Quartet’s cover is a perfect blend of modern and traditional tunes.

15. ‘Somewhere Only We Know’ by the English band, Keane is good for the procession. It is a traditional rock song meant to be played with a piano. The Lily Allen version is great too!

All the songs in this article would surely make your wedding ceremony memorable. Of the ones here, you would definitely find one that you love, whether you want traditional or modern, rock or jazz. Feel free to check out other wedding march ideas to make your ceremony a great one.


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