These Songs About Growing Up Would Make You Blush

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The world is always changing. Therefore, a song which was popular some ten, twenty years ago may have gone out of fashion now. The same goes for movies, books, and even technology. However, thinking about life while growing up brings back those fond memories of what had happened in the past. In fact, some people never get over this and remain nostalgic for a while.

Such people stay stuck listening to their old songs and may be unwilling to try out new tunes. Well, we cannot blame them. It is just that many people feel so attached to the past that they cannot let go. A great way to relieve those fond memories is by playing songs about growing up. Some of them have been included on this list, and you would definitely find ones you love, or maybe all even.

1. ‘Still Fighting It’ by Ben Folds makes you think deeply. Being young is certainly much less challenging than being all grown up. Ben Folds, takes the words directly out of people’s thoughts about growing up: We’re still fighting it.

2. ‘Young’ by Kenny Chesney is the ultimate classic song about being young. This country song features a lot of talk about being young, but it takes it notches higher. Get ready to have goosebumps.

3. ‘Best Day of My Life’ by George Strait is about a conversation some boy has with his dad. The young boy talks about all the fun they would have. And you would definitely feel like being young once again.

4. ‘No Such Thing’ is by John Mayer is another song that makes this list. The dude really misses being young, right? In it, he sings: “I just found out there’s no such thing as the real world, just a lie you’ve got to rise above.” Well, for most people this has been mostly true. Life just keeps changing and changing directions you wonder when it all would stop if it ever will.

5. ‘Wake Up’ by Arcade Fire. This song was played in the movie, ‘Where the Wild Things Are.’ It is a fantastic song that leaves you with nostalgic feelings of the past.

6. ‘Dammit’ by the American rock band Blink 182 is a favorite of many. ‘Well, I guess this is growing up…’ is one famous line from this song. Blink 182 really dropped a gem on everyone’s lips.

7. ‘Ivy’ by Frank Ocean. In the song, he says: “you ain’t a kid no more/ we’ll never be those kids again.” That is absolutely true. Once you are grown, you are grown. There is no undo button in life unless time travel becomes a reality. This pain, of not being able to do things all over again, is one thing many people experience and cannot help but deal with.

8. ‘Time’ by Pink Floyd talks about time and how everything changes with time. While growing up, it would seem that time suddenly begins to move faster than you thought and expected.

9. ‘Growing Pains’ by Ludacris. The rapper talks about the pains of getting older in this song. And really, there are pains; the road is not all rosy. But then, people still survive and so can you.

10. In ‘Jack and Diane,’ John Mellencamp sings about himself being young, free, and in love. Well, you remember all those child plays and mock romances. There is almost nobody that did not do that as a kid, having someone you loved. You probably even thought they were ‘the one’ and planned weddings already. Well, LOL.

11. ‘Grown Up’ by Danny Brown. The title of this gives it away. The video is even more spellbinding. It features a kid destroying a library and doing some other crazy stuff.

12. ‘When I Grow Up’ by Pussycat Dolls was released in 2008 as the first single of the American girl group. It is also a great song that talks about growing up and how people don’t always get what they want.

13. ‘Changes’ by David Bowie. Well, life is really all about changes. The fact that one is even talking about ‘growing up’ means changes have taken place. This is the idea Bowie captures in his 1972 song. It fast became one of Bowie’s most popular songs.

14. ‘Glory Days’ by Bruce Springsteen. For most people, the part of their life that they could most adequately describe as the ‘glory days’ are their childhood days. As a child, you had no responsibilities, except homework. You only had to sleep, eat, wake up, play, and play some more. Then it looked like that was all there is to life. But that was not the case, as many have now found out. This is what Springsteen sings about in this tune.

15. ‘In My Life’ by your favorite band, The Beatles. This popular music band has released several songs that leave people touched. ‘In My Life’ is another proof that growing up is a story of change in life.

16. ‘1979’ by the Smashing Pumpkins was released in their third album in 1996. So it’s throwback music. It is a story of how lead singer Billy Corgan (who wrote the song) grew up (as at 1979, he had been 12). When it comes to reliving memories, there are only a few things better than writing about the past and making it into a song.

17. ‘Stop This Train’ by John Mayer. Imagine that life is a train ride. There must have been times when you did not feel safe; when you thought the train was moving too fast. Those times, you must have felt like dropping from the train and going back the way you came (childhood). But then it does not work that way. Everyone is in this together.

In conclusion, growing up is not exactly a bad thing. It is an experience everyone faces; change is inevitable. It is just that things happened so fast before most people got the hang of what was really happening. While it is great to take trips back to the past like this, through listening to nostalgic songs about growing up, it is much better to focus on living in the present.


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